when you're bringing external talent into your business, you need to give them support to do their best work possible.

welcome is the platform for on-boarding and supporting freelancers whilst they're with you.

how it works

1. when you welcome freelancers into your building, point them to welcome, or invite them ahead of time.

2. they'll be able to register themselves and check-in using their smartphone, no app required.

3. you'll be able to approve their time in the building, after which they gain access to the content you've provided.

4. you can set how long they have access to that content, and remove them at any time

what content do they see?

you have complete control over what onboarding and support content you provide, but we recommend at a minimum:

_ onboarding and company information
_ health and safety and emergency procedures
_ contact details for their time in the building

what does it cost?

Less 5p per freelancer per day.

We count how many unique freelancers you've had in one month, the more freelancers, the cheaper per person it gets.

If you have a large number of freelancers, contact us for enterprise rates.

We have a minimum term of three months, and recommend a 12 week trial in your venue with a smaller group to start with.

Less than 3? Contact us for a free trial
Up to 5 £9/month
Up to 15 £14/month
Up to 25 £24/month
25+? Contact us for Enterprise rates

what if we don't have freelancer onboarding content?

if you don't have a freelancer welcome policy or approach, we can help you develop one rooted in the insights we've gathered.

how do we get started?

Email us and we'll help you make freelancers feel more welcome.

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